Right Turn The Electronics Shop with a Twist

A couple of weeks ago a new electronics store, called Right Turn opened up near our makerspace. We decided it would be fun to show the kids. What made it different from other electronic stores is that the owner Frank didn’t sell just electronics, he also sold things he personally made out of wood and plastic. After looking around and asking Frank a few questions, we found that his plastics were home made from different chemicals he had found online. This allowed him to make different colors and designs easier. Also Frank found that using super glue as a coating made the wood smoother and shine brighter.

Here’s a picture of Frank explaining to us how he comes up with his ideas.

right turn pic one.jpg

Frank sells many different things that he has created in his spare time such as pens, jewelry, and acoustic speakers. He has a full woodworking shop and also designs and prints some projects using a 3-D printer. Here are a few pictures of the things we saw while at Frank’s store.

photo 1.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Big thanks to Frank for letting us come see his new store and for telling us about his unique way

of incorporating his passion of art with business.

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