Shop Wish List


This is a wish list of materials and supplies for our shop. It's in no particular order. 



10-12 networked desktop computers with monitors, keyboards and mice. 

We are currently using VERY OLD donated laptops that sort of work... sometimes.... We spend a lot of time waiting for our computers to execute commands and swapping out computers that stop working in the middle of our work. 

Actually, we'd like to offer a workshop to build/assemble new computers for the shop. My kids, ages 12 and 14, have assembled their own computers and it's a great learning experience. We would like to  have our youth in the shop do the same thing.  They'll learn more about computers and will have even more ownership of the shop itself. It will cost approximately $800 per computer, including operating system, monitor and keyboard, plus a bit more for the networking equipment. We would use our computers for robotics, programming in many different languages, 3-D modeling and design, and many other functions.       These computers would last for many years to come. 


Soldering Equipment

Adjustable Temperature Soldering Irons (these are great



Materials to build computer tables




Other Machines