Membership - Registration and Monthly Fee

Register as a 4-H Member

Membership in 4-H costs $25 per year per child. 


Visit  to enroll


Enrollment for the year begins in October and continues through August.  


Frequently asked questions and guides about enrollment.

Monthly Fee - Shop Membership

The Lab:Revolution monthly fee to use the shop:

family with 1 child:  $25/month

family with more than 1 child:  $35/month


*  Includes the use of tools, equipment, shared supplies, robots. 

* A monthly 4-H meeting, including a hands-on project voted on by the members. 

* Attendance during any open shop times and assistance by volunteers and others (a makerspace is all about sharing space, tools, and expertise) 

*  free and/or reduced admission for workshops 

* reduced registration fee for annual Robot and Technology Expo 

* materials and supplies at cost, including filament for 3D printing and vinyl for the vinyl cutter.


We are currently building a series of free and low cost projects that youth may choose to work on during open shop times. They are also encouraged to bring in their own ideas for projects. 

 Scholarships may be available on an individual basis for dues. Please email or call Samantha Scott to request scholarships.



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