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Family Creative Learning Workshop

Register Today!


We are so excited to be hosting a Family Creative Learning workshop series at the shop in March and April!


It's FUN family time. It's a chance for everyone in the family to learn some simple programming and create a project together. 


Check out the video to see the types of things we'll be doing and then sign up below.   NO EXPERIENCE is necessary. 


DINNER is included


Friday evenings   March 13,  20,  27 and  April 3rd

and  Thursday evening   April 9th. 



Cost -  $10 for the whole family for the whole series (NOT $10 per session)     Families must attend all sessions..


There will be a LEGO and craft table set up for younger children.



For more information call or email Ann Boes  at  573-327-2009




To register, call the Extension Office  at 573-756-4539 or fill out the form below.

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