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We are proud to be part of the 4-H organization!


Lab:Revolution is a community Makerspace, a place for families to come together to learn, build, play, create, share and imagine! 


We believe that youth should have more opportunities to build, create, and make stuff, and that learning doesn't just happen in schools.


We inspire others to make the transition from consumer to maker, a profound shift that empowers and sparks innovation.


We love doing robotics, electronics, woodworking, design, art, creative and technical programming,  and helping others find resources to follow their passions.


While we do have a few 'classes', we are committed to providing lots of open shop time where families can get together, learn how to safely use the shared tools and materials, find helpful resources in the library, meet others who are interested in similar topics, and launch their own awesome projects.


We strive to develop a diverse, supportive, fun and committed community of makers at all levels of experience. We believe that children benefit from mentorship by adults and older youth who are also makers and who know how awesome science and tech can be.


We are committed to providing opportunities to ALL youth in our region.


If we don't have experience in the field that our members want to explore, we will help find resources and learn together. There are amazing resources online - plans, videos, articles, and more, and we can help you find them.


We believe in the 4-H mission to engage youth as valued, contributing members of our community in partnership with caring adults and we share the 4-H vision for a world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together for positive change. 4-H youth programming in all project areas results in competent, capable, caring, contributing youth.


See our programs page for more on our amazing partners.    Our News and Events pages feature events, classes and special projects we host throughout the year.


Lab:Revolution is an independent effort, started by the FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3862 - The Iron Scorpions, when it needed to find a new workshop.


There are other caring volunteers, family and friends you will see around the Lab.  We welcome anyone who is willing to lend a hand, tools, and a brain cell or two.    Mentors are needed for projects, steering committee members meet once per month, 4-H leaders and anyone who enjoys getting their geek on!  Observers can come by anytime to see the amazing work of our students ages 5-18.


All volunteers working with youth must become registered volunteers and complete a yearly criminal background check (paid for by 4-H).


Donations are welcome. We can always use tools, creative ideas, monetary gifts, and volunteers!



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